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Law Office Hartman, Rychnovská – a Partneship builds upon a long-time experience and practice as it has been assisting clients since 2003. In its current form the Partnership has operated since 1 July 2013. We provide a superior legal service to our clients. We offer the advantage of a mid-size law firm, which has an extensive know-how, especially in the areas of commercial, civil, criminal and bankruptcy law, and indeed in the field of administrative and civil law, housing, financial, employment, tax and settlement of disputes arising from these relations, both through the general courts and arbitration. For our clients we provide professional representation in court proceedings and relevant administrative agencies in the matters of civil, criminal and administrative law.

Mgr. Leona Hartman, LL.M
Mgr. Ivana Rychnovská, LL. M


We are a member of:

Czech Bar Association

The Hartman, Rychnovská Partnership Law Firm Hartman, Rychnovská - sdružení advokátů  stands for the synonym of...

The advantages of a mid-size law office which could assist you in a professional and speedy manger with a wide range of legal matters and services, especially in the field of commercial and civil law, insolvency, administrative and real estate law, finance and stock and currency exchange law, negotiable instruments and securities, intellectual property matters, protection of competition, unfair competition and anti-competitive practices, the regulations of international trade, employment matters , tax law, criminal law matters, housing and transport law, as well as the resolution of disputes related to. Any of these areas. Among other services that our law office offers, we act as incorporation counsels assisting with incorporating all range of companies, legal entities and associations as well as charities and or establishing public associations.

Counseling and representation

Counselling in connection with litigation includes a detailed analysis of client’s documents, preparation of motions to courts and arbitration bodies, their presentation before courts of lower and higher instances, representing clients in negotiations in court or in course of arbitral proceedings, filing of appeals, negotiations with opposing parties including potential negotiation and conclusion of out-of-court settlement and settlement agreements. We also have extensive experience with debts consolidation on behalf of our clients, disputes related to seeking compensation in behalf of our clients, labour disputes and disputes in the area of intangible assets.

We also engage in all aspects of trade and commercial relations and we negotiate, draft, review, comment on and conclude a variety of commercial contracts, both governing domestic and international commerce and business. Our law office has experience with due diligence projects in a wide range of companies and sectors, including the implementation of Due Diligence. Our approach to legal audit is a targeted one and the final report is always suited to fit the individual needs of the concurred client. If required for the benefit of the case, or with reference to the client’s wishes, we also cooperate with experts in the field of economics, financial and tax consulting or with audit firms

In cases of disputes between attorney-at-law and costumers which originates from legal aid contracts, there is alternative dispute resolution platform. More info available at www.cak.cz.


Insolvency trustee Mgr. Leona Hartman, LL.M. and the insolvency trustee Mgr. Ivana Rychnovská, LL.M. in their public capacity and base on their appointment handle assets of debtors in a variety of solutions to Insolvency and bankruptcy cases. The property offered for sale as a result of such proceedings is available here for viewing.

Mgr. Leona Hartman, LL.M.
  • Seat: Italská 834/34, 120 00 Praha
  • Law Office Premises in Brno: Dobrovského 824/50, 612 00 Brno (Tu 9:00 - 15:00)
Mgr. Ivana Rychnovská, LL.M.
  • Seat: Dobrovského 824/50, 612 00 Brno
  • Law Office Premises in Praha: Italská 834/34, 120 00 Praha (Tu 9:00 - 15:00)
  • Law Office Premises in Karviná: Studentská 1225, 735 81 Bohumín (Fr 8:00 - 14:00)

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution, through whichreconciliation of the parties is attempted and sought for, especially in commercial, and family matters, all under facilitation of an independent and impartial mediator who aims at an amicable settlement between the parties.

The mediation procedure means resolving the conflict with under the facilitation of one or more mediators who encourage and facilitate the communication between the parties involved in the conflict (party to the conflict) so as to help them to reach an amicable settlement of their conflict by concluding a mediation agreement.

Advantages of mediation:
  • outcome of the dispute is in the hands of the parties, mediator is aimed at and leads the parties towards reconciliation
  • a speedy and a relatively informal procedure
  • an impartial and independent mediator
  • suspension of limitation periods
  • reconciliation between the parties through a mediation agreement

To ensure professional approach in the mediation procedure, the law imposes certain requirements on the mediator. These include in particular integrity, university degree, successful passage of the mediation exam and registration in the registry of mediators maintained by the Ministry of Justice.


Our law office has developed a new app – Audio-law. Audio-law is a smartphone app, which allows you to listen to the selected law regulations on your smartphone or tablet. You can access more information here: www.audio-zakony.cz (czech only).


Hartman, Rychnovská
- Partnership

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Mgr. Leona Hartman, LL.M.
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VAT: CZ7956193663

Dobrovského 824/50,
612 00 Brno

bank account:
CZ56 2700 0000 0021 0273 6560
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Mgr. Ivana Rychnovská, LL.M.
(ČAK: 11299, IČ: 71464514 )

+420 774 763 353
DS: indijv7

Dobrovského 824/50,
612 00 Brno


Mgr. Leona Hartman, LL.M.
(ČAK: 11484, IČ: 71462481)

+420 777 713 366
DS: 4w2ijy9

Italská 834/34,
120 00 Prague


Ing. Ondrej Gmitter
(Specialist in debt relief)

+420 777 713 228

(availble for debtors Mo - Th 9:00 - 16:00)

Dobrovského 824/50,
612 00 Brno